Testimonials (Words of Appreciation)

aboutFrom Madeline M-B, Student

I grew up in music with Kathryn. From ages 9 to 18, Kathryn was a supportive, caring, and incredibly capable mentor and teacher for me. I started taking piano lessons to augment my practice and performance as a singer, but through Kathryn’s patient and challenging teaching I grew to truly love the experience of playing the piano. Her teaching of course sharpened my sight reading skills and my technique.  I was a more advanced and well-rounded music student and vocal performer as a result of her disciplined and sensitive training. But what is most remarkable about Ms. Winter is her ability to teach you how to create and truly experience the magic of music.  She provided me with the experience of becoming enchanted and transported by a piece of piano music, and these are the memories I treasure. Any child would be lucky to have Ms. Winter as a piano teacher!

From Diane Schoenfelt, Parent

Ms Winter made each student feel special. She adapted to the needs, skills and talent of each student. Ms Winter artfully led our daughter from very beginning piano skills to an advanced level of piano playing.

From Pam Valentine, Parent

Kathryn has been an amazing teacher for my two daughters. She not only is extremely knowledgeable, but infuses the lessons with her love of music and warmth with children. I cannot imagine a better teacher! 

studio2From Elise Miller, Parent

I can hardly remember what parent gave me Kathryn Winter’s name, back when my eldest daughter was 8 years old, but I am forever grateful I heard about this wonderful woman, who taught both of my daughters for over 10 years, and who has since become a friend of our family. I first came to appreciate Kathryn’s gift for working with young pianists at the first end-of-the-year recital when I was struck with the lack of nervousness of the young performers. It seemed as if the recital was about the pleasure of playing — without the nervous-making pressure to be perfect. That, I believe comes from a great teacher with high expectations, on the one hand, and on the other, and incredible patience and  genuine affection for her students. 

From Marsha Jaeger, Director, Young Musicians Program

Kathryn Winter’s performance as a teacher for the Young Musicians Program has been outstanding. She has been with YMP since 1982. She has a superior knowledge of piano repertoire in general and of the YMP curriculum in particular. She has also played an important role in helping to develop the YMP Piano and Music Fundamentals curricula. Ms. Winter has had great success teaching young people at various levels of skill. Her students have shown excellent progress in YMP recital and concert performances. Excellent evaluations from current students, enthusiastic comments from YMP graduates and obvious respect from her colleagues are further evidence of her success and value to YMP.

studio2From Esther Narkis, Director of the Conservatory

Ms. Winter has been a piano teacher at the Rubin Conservatory of Music for many years. Her work has always been excellent, showing a deep musicianship and understanding of children. Lately she started working in group piano and her special qualities in teaching—creativeness, intelligence, calm and patience contributed to successful results.