Two invaluable lessons I’ve observed over the years are: trust your instincts and follow your bliss.

My career choice was clear from the first, despite my parents’ pronouncement that whether I chose to be a doctor or a secretary, they’d cover my expenses; if, however, I elected an impractical major like music, I would be on my own.

Having resolutely opted for music, I pieced together a number of part-time jobs to see me through my undergraduate and master’s degree classes at the Manhattan School of Music – babysitter, waitress, salesgirl, receptionist, file clerk, Carnegie Hall usher, U. N. guide. My eye never left the prize: a lifetime devoted to exposing young people to the joy of making music.

During my 47 years of teaching there has never been a period of burnout or a thought of retiring. Teaching music has yielded rewards even more profound than I could ever have anticipated.

~ Kathryn Winter

  • North Berkeley studio
  • Children, first grade through high school
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s in Music
  • 47 years’ experience
  • 31 years on piano and theory faculty of the Young Musician Program, U.C. Berkeley
  • Member of California Association of Piano Teachers, Alameda chapter
  • Google+